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Grumpy Cowboy

Grumpy Cowboy Cat

We all know and love him from the meme hes become. Well we had him model our personalised cowboy hat

This look really suits grumpy cat and he doesn't seem to be as grumpy as usual since he started wearing the hat which shows for something. If you want to buy your little grumpy cat this product it can be yours for just $15.00

Ryan Air

Ryan Air

Ryan is a tabby cat who loves nothing more then the outdoors and jumping around

Ryan loves his propellor hat because it makes him feel like he can fly. Plus its on sale at a whooping $5.00

Greg the graduate

Greg the Graduate

He came top of his class and now hes a doctor

Greg saw this graduation hat on our website and loved it so much that he had to get one for his own graduation from Yale. If you want your cat to be as smart as Greg it will only cost you $10.00

Napping Nathan

Napping Nathan

He loves his naps and hes the cutest little sleeper

This napping hat helps Nathan have a much cosier sleep and it's also made with 100% cotton to make it even better. Your cat could be just as cosy as Nathan for just $7.99.

Maisy in a Crown
Maisy in a Crown

Maisy the Chartreux cat

She is high maintenance with a fiesty reputation

The crown really represents Maisy's personality and it can be your cats for just $19.99

Scramble and Eggs

Scramble and Eggs

They are the life and soul of the party, and love a good boogie

These hats are crazy and funky just like them. Look at them laughing in them enjoying the party. Your cat could have just as much fun for only $2.50

Henry the Hypebeast

Henry the Hypebeast

Henry the Hypebeast loves having the latest designer clothing

If your cat is like Henry and loves fashion and designer couture this Balenciaga cap is perfect for them. it is a bit pricey at $300.00 but if you love your cat you will buy it for them.

Terry the kitten
Terry the kitten

Terry the Kitten

Terry loves his wooly hat

This kitten is looking very cute and cosy in his wooly hat made with 100% cotton.


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